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Article: Hello Sunshine! Spring and School Holidays have arrived! 🌈🌷🍄👒

Hello Sunshine! Spring and School Holidays have arrived! 🌈🌷🍄👒

Hello Sunshine! Spring and School Holidays have arrived! 🌈🌷🍄👒

Spring and School Holidays have arrived! Let’s celebrate, Swoodi style.

I’m sure I am not the only one who is very excited for the change of seasons. As the year continues to whizz by (seriously, how is it already September), I am ready to change gears into the warmer weather. I have emerged from Winter, maybe a little more pale than I would like to be, but I won’t let that rain on my parade. 

To me, the newfound sunshine is perfect for planning my Spring cleaning, school holidays and a reset before the busiest time of year. 

I am so grateful for School Holidays. No, really! Hear me out.

I know that it can be hard to think of things to flesh out the time and find any peace and quiet but I think it is a great time to force yourself to slow down. My kids are only going to be this age for such a short time, so less work and more downtime with them for me.

What’s on my checklist for my Spring Reset? I’m so glad you asked 😉

Closet Clean Out For You & The Kiddos

If you’re like me, you know how quickly you gather so much extra stuff. Depending on how much time, patience and energy you have to sort through your wardrobes; make it quick and simple or have fun and turn it into a game. If you haven’t worn something in 1-2 years (and it isn’t your ‘special’ pieces for weddings) it is probably time to donate or give to friends. If you want to make it a game for the kids, have a fashion show and you will quickly figure out what items don’t belong on the runway anymore. 

Wash Your Makeup Brushes 💋

Sunshine can mean no makeup looks for the beach but it also means more social occasions. For the love of Swoodi, wash your makeup brushes. If you’re like me, you only remember when you are putting on makeup. Don’t wait for a pimple to rear its ugly head and tell you it’s too late. 

Very Keen for a Deep Clean  🧽🧼🍽✨

Sunshine means more social times. I don’t know about you but I don’t really want my friends to see my dirty bathroom and stuffed cupboards I have been putting off sorting. My goal is to keep myself sane and tackle one room at a time.

Refresh on Supplies Ready for Vitamin D 🌞 
Sort out your Spring and Summer staples. New towels, matching Swoodi’s anyone? Picnic supplies, sunglasses, glassware and sunscreen. Fun times are always 10 times better when you have an organised supply for the outdoors!

Have a few hours while the kiddos are at a playdate or having a nap? 

Lucky you. Time to catch up on whatever will help you feel refreshed and energised. I love getting things done with a podcast on the go, make sure you catch up with these great pods.

🎧 Life Uncut
Definitely a listen without the kids podcast, unless you want some awkward questions and ‘The Talk’ sooner than you had planned.

🎧 Just the Gist 
Hilarious stories told with just the right amount of info to discuss at a dinner party. Hosted by Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley. 

🎧 The Hamish and Andy Podcast 
An old favourite radio show, reimagined.

🎧 The Imperfects 
Uplifting stories and maybe a tearjerker at times, don’t bother wearing mascara – you’ve been warned!

For all my Perth friends who are staying local this holiday season, here are some recommendations to keep your little ones entertained and the words “I’m bored!” out of their vocabulary.

❄️ Frozen The Musical | Crown Theatre

I don’t think Frozen needs an introduction, you probably have the lyrics of every song incinerated into the back of your mind. If you still love the story and want to give the kids’ an unforgettable theatre outing, this one’s for you. I am so excited to see it, I love live performances for the beauty and detail of the sets, costumes and special effects. 

Performances running from now until 2nd of October, tickets here.

🎡 Perth Royal Show | Claremont Showgrounds

An oldie but a goodie. For my Perth friends, you won’t be a stranger to the Royal Show. A crowd favourite with good reason. Whether you have a fam of adrenaline junkies, sideshow alley lovers or showbag devotees, it has it all. Open from 24th of September to 1st of October 2022, 10AM – 9PM daily. Tickets here.

🎨 Awesome Arts Festival | Perth CBD
Self-proclaimed to be for Bright Young Things! Sounds like your kiddos? Same. Everything from theatre, dance, music, film, literature, visual arts and creativity- it has all bases covered for your little Picasso. Festival dates run from 27th of September to 1st of October 2022. Visit here.

🪁 Koolangka Koolangka Waabiny | Wellington Street Square Playground
For inner city dwellers and regulars, this playground is a blessing – not to mention a work of art! There is so much to do, including a skatepark, parkour, a flying fox, embankment slides, water play, climbing towers and BBQ facilities. It’s hungry work watching the little ones all day- so I definitely recommend packing picnic supplies. Best part? Hours of fun for 0 dollary-doos.

🦖 Museum Boola Bardip | Northbridge 
If you haven’t been to the Museum Boola Bardip yet, what are you doing? Just kidding, but make sure you book it in for this school holiday. The museum is currently displaying the Dinosaurs of Patagonia until Sunday 23rd of October. With a Special Torchlight Dinosaur Disco 5PM – 9.30PM on Friday 7th of October, have a fossil-filled time that the kiddos will love.

Well that should be plenty to keep you and the little ones entertained for a while!

If you are hitting the road for holidays or having some down time by the coast, make sure you are stocked up on your Swoodi supplies. Trust me when I say it has saved me from many post-swim shivers and keeps the kids warm and cosy. 



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