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     Two men and boy leaning on the back of a ute wearing their Swoodi's open

    What sizing does Swoodi offer?

    Swoodi Swim Hoodies are designed for active and growing bodies.  The range of sizes caters for adults, toddlers and teens and all that is in-between.  

    Children’s towels with hoods start at Size 2 and offer every second size up to Size 12

    Adult Swim Robes are available in 2 sizes:  S/M (which is also suitable for teens) and L/XL

    For a more detailed size guide check out our size chart via the link below.


    What materials are in your fabric, trims and strings?

    Swoodi hooded towels and beach robes are made from the most suitable materials we could source in terms of function, price and quality.

    The Robes are made of premium quality cotton that is yarn dyed and woven to our exclusive prints.  It is highly absorbent and durable toweling, equivalent to a top-quality beach towel.

    The Hood Strings are designed to be suitable for both children and adults. The design at the base of the hoods means that the strings won’t slip through the hood unless you remove them. The ends of the strings are coated and tactile enough to make the string easy to remove and thread back through the hood depending on the look you’d like to achieve. 

    The Zips are durable and a main feature on Swoodi hooded beach robes.  The chunky style reduces sand jams, making easily zipped and unzipped even for little toddler hands.  The bold colour and weight of the zip has been matched to the thick Swoodi toweling.

    Our aim has been to provide the best possible quality zip up hooded towels to suit a range of lifestyles therefore all our products have been tried and tested in the lab with outstanding results.


    What are they used for?

    Swoodi beach robes and hooded towels are practical for use after swimming, bathing and beaching.  They’re warm and quick drying and can also be kept in the back of the car to dry off after winter sports such as soccer, netball and Aus Kick.  They’re practical and multipurpose for all family adventures!  


    Where can I buy a Swoodi Swim Hoodie?

    Right here! Our online store is where you can get your Swoodi products in just a few clicks, but if you prefer to head in store, we have two great stockists in Perth.

    We are always open to new opportunities to share our products with new stockists and would love to hear from you.  Send an email to to express interest in becoming a Swoodi stockist.


    What postage do you offer?

    The Swoodi Studio and Headquarters are located in Perth, Western Australia and this is where your purchase will begin its journey to you. We post all over Australia from North to South, East to West for a flat rate of $9.95.

    International shipping is available.

    Our current International rates are as follows:

    Package up to 1kg: $28 AUD

    Package 1-3kgs: $37 AUD

    Package 3-5kgs: $50 AUD


    How are they packaged?

    At Swoodi we like to keep waste to a minimum so our beach robes come packaged in a reusable waterproof bag, which can be used to keep all your extra trinkets and treasures in.


    I check your website for updates, but is there a better way to keep in the loop?

    Our website is updated regularly however our social channels are where you’ll find the most frequent news on products, shipping, media and behind the scenes silliness!



    Important news and updates are available via our newsletter.  Sign up via our home page at and be the first to know about updates, sales and events.


    Do the Swim Hoodies offer sun protection?

    The Australian Sun is like no other and we’ve made sure our product can beat the heat. Our adults and children’s beach robes have been tested to Australian Standards for sun protection and offer UPF 50+ 


    Does Swoodi hold sales and offer discounts?

    In an effort to offer the best possible price all year around, we are rarely have the capacity to hold sales.  On the rare occasion that our swimming robes with hoods are on sale we will advertise through social media channels and newsletter.

    Signing up to our newsletter to receive a 10% discount code on our first order…but be quick as the code is only valid for 7 days.  Discount is only available to new customers.


    Where are the products made?

    Our products are manufactured in Vietnam.


    Still need further information? Feel free to email us at and we will happily assist you with any questions or inquiries.