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    Living The Whole Way Around

    Living The Whole Way Around



    Meet Taye, Jodie, Airlie and Mitch. This band of sun kissed, sand loving, mountain climbing Aussies have recently been nick named the ‘Health Coach Family’.  All aboard their Hilux Ute they’re travelling from mountain peak to sandy beach through Australia to spread the word on the importance of good nutrition and wholesome living.

    Above - A Toyota Hilux, a tent and a few travel essentials help the family to make it ‘The Whole Way Around’

    Innovative and inspiring, all they need is a Ute, a tent and a few travel essentials to reach remote destinations.


    Above – Mountain climbing kids, Airlie and Taye are experiencing all of what Australia has to offer, being a part of a travelling family.

    As a family that has always loved camping and disliked the restrictions of a fixed address, they decided to pack up and set off on an adventure that has come to change more lives than their own. 

     Mitch and Jodie had independent missions at the start of their journey, but they have shared a common goal. Mitch wanted to tackle the highs and lows of four-wheel-driving in the Australian outback and Jodie has been determined to bring awareness to the importance of food and the effects it has on our bodies.  Check out her concept of  #livingthewholeway. Together on ‘The Whole Way Around’, Mitch and Jodie visit towns to encourage, guide and support people who aspire to reach and maintain a new outlook on life.   Despite the family being on what Jodie calls a ‘constant holiday’ they are continually enriching the lives of those around them.

     To even further assist families on ‘Living the Whole Way’ a virtual chat has been created by Jodie to connect like-minded-mummas.   Coffee – Connection – Coaching is an online coffee date to vent the happiness, the frustrations, the struggles and triumphs of being a mother.  It’s a nourishing space for questions to be answered and wholesome living to thrive.

    Above - Taye and Airlie wear Western Australian designed Swim Hoodie’s by Swoodi

    Taye and Airlie have learnt from a young age to go with the flow of life.  They’re active, healthy and motivated kids that are learning on the go.  We’ve been following the adventures of these two Aussie grommets and are proud to see them each sporting a Swoodi Kids Swim Hoodie.  Swoodi emerged from the beaches of Western Australia and as a label catering for active families, we understand the importance of connecting and growing together.  From pool to pond, beach to bath, Swoodi is excited to be a part of #livingthewholeway

    Every individual and family at some point feels the pressure to conform, however we can take so much inspiration from this family that has ‘conformed’ to the style of living with freedom.  They survive on the essentials and thrive on a lifestyle of no restriction. 

    To follow Jodie, Mitch, Taye and Airlie The Whole Way Around visit:


    Swim Hoodie's arriving December

    Swim Hoodie's arriving December

    We have been so overwhelmed (and grateful!) to the response of our swim hoodie that we sold out quicker than we could of ever possibly imagined!

    But, please don't fear! We have more on the way....

    Our next drop will be in December (hopefully even sooner!) so for those who missed out on our last lot please subscribe to our mailing list or email us at to keep updated and register your interest!

    All colours will be the same but we have made a few slight changes to this collection, we have added extra length to the larger sizes, changed the thickness of the towelling, and added in a loop to the pocket to be able to clip keys, coin purse or other items to. So please note that we will be unable to offer these at the launching special (full price is $59.95 which includes a swim bag).

    We also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and patience, we look forward to getting more swim hoodie's to you all soon.


    Welcome to Swoodi!

    Welcome to Swoodi!

    Welcome to Swoodi! Thanks for stopping by...

    We are so excited to share with you our first ever collection.

    There are so many people we want to thank that we thought the best way not to miss anyone was to have a launching special!

    All Swim Hoodie's are $45 for a very limited time only

    Enjoy and thanks for all of your support

    Swoodi at Perth Upmarket

    Swoodi at Perth Upmarket

    We are so excited to share with you that we will be at Perth Upmarket on Sunday the 17th of September from 10am-4pm at Winthrop Hall, UWA, Perth

    All of our current product range will be on display and available for purchase. This includes our active wear range and kid's swim hoodie's. 

    We really look forward to showing our products in our home town of Perth.

    For more information on Perth Upmarket head to 

    Swoodi & Crazy Skate Co Collaboration

    Swoodi & Crazy Skate Co Collaboration

    We were so lucky to do a collaboration on our photo shoot with Crazy Skate Co ( and use their light up 'Disco Roller Skates' and the 'Rocket Roller Skates'.

    Havanna, Willow and Halo all loved wearing the skates in the shoot and the skates really complimented the Swoodi active wear range! 

    Not only are the skates fun and bright, they are comfortable and extremely good quality. 

    Havanna has since visited the Roller Skating Dome twice in her skates since the photo shoot.