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    Hooded Towels (Swim Hoodies)

    Hooded Towels (Swim Hoodies)
    Here at Swoodi, we know that kids and toddlers can be full of energy, and we know how important it is to ensure they stay warm after a day in the pool or at the beach. If your little ones love to swim, check out our hooded beach towels for todders and kids, the perfect products that will ensure they stay warm, comfortable and stylish.

    As one of our most popular designs, our highly absorbent, multi-use hooded towels are perfectly practical for kids and toddlers to use as a hooded swim robe, hooded beach towel, and a hooded bath robe.

    Comfortable and cosy for active little bodies, our hooded children’s towels are a great addition to your kids’ surf club, swimming lessons, a day at the beach and even after bath time. It’s time to make the cold and discomfort that comes after a thing of the past!

    With our 100% cotton hooded towels and robes, you can let your kids keep warm and dry in winter and enjoy summer water activities on-the-go. That’s less time worrying about the little things, like keeping dry, and more quality time spent together.

    Browse our range of kids and toddlers hooded towels below!